Hard Disk Failure - Help

  SURVEY 11:28 09 Apr 2009

Switched on computer this morning and the HD light goes on but nothing at all appears on the screen. The HD light does not flicker as it would normallly to indicate loading is in progress.

I have opened the case and checked all connections - seems fine. Any ideas please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 09 Apr 2009

FAns running?
light on on monitor?
check monitor power and connections.
remove all disks from drives and unplug usb devices

  SURVEY 11:40 09 Apr 2009

Hi Fruit Bat - Yes the fans are running, monitor power OK (says No signal at base of screen. All usb devices unplugged!

  iscanut 11:48 09 Apr 2009

Check graphics card fan is working and that graphics card is seated properly. Unplug and then plug graphics card back in. Do you get the usual BIOS messages etc on power up. If not, then unlikely to be hard disc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:55 09 Apr 2009

Yes sounds more like graphics card problem, remove and refit and retry.

  SURVEY 12:03 09 Apr 2009

Graphics card fan is working.Have unplugged card and reinserted it. No BIOS messages on screen at power up. Not sure if my imagination butI thought I detected a barely audible high pitched whine when computer was switched off but with power on.

  SURVEY 12:34 09 Apr 2009

I have removed the graphics card completely and restarted but apart from the initial single beep I am not getting any other sound; I thought I should to show the graphics card is not installed?

  iscanut 14:21 09 Apr 2009

No BIOS scripts on screen suggest monitor is completely gone and you will thus see nothing OR there is a problem with motherboard or possible power supply ?

  SURVEY 14:35 09 Apr 2009

Iscanut - I have come to the same conclusion. It would appear from previous postings that this is not a HDD problem although it would have been comforting to see the HDD light flickering as if it was loading; howver, realise that PSU delivery or motherboard could cause the problem.

  SURVEY 16:22 09 Apr 2009

Just to update. Fault found to be the power supply. Renewed and now all working fine. Thanks to all those who responded,

  iscanut 16:44 09 Apr 2009

Glad all is now OK..

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