Hard Disk Failure

  Zeltine 12:26 25 May 2005

Ok, bit stuck here, I have an E800 Net server, with hard disks. Primary=Op system Win2k Pro etc Secondary= Data,My Documents etc. The Primary has failed, so I dont have access to Secondary. Ihave checked all available IDE cables in other Pc's to no avail. Does anyone have a quick solution to this? Oh its 9.1Gb Ultra3 SCSI Drive by HP
Thanks in advance

  Catastrophe 12:39 25 May 2005

Do you mean SCSI cables or is it IDE?

I would get a new drive for the O/S and then check out the 'failed' drive afterwards. Or use the data drive in another computer to access.

When you say failed, what messages (if any) are you getting.

I have one old computer (IBM 1996) which often gives 'no system disk' and it always responds to re-seating the card (mobo connection broken so using PCI IDE card) or re-connecting IDE or power cables.

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