Hard disk error after USB driver install

  bert_g 12:51 06 Oct 2004

Problem occurs after installing the USB driver software that came with new digital camera.
The camera is an olympus and software provided is Camedia 4.2. The USB driver appears to install with no problems and gives the standard prompt to restart windows, this is when things turn sour.
System restarts and gets as far as WIN98 screen then HD begins to make laboured noises then jumps straight to scandisk with 'system was not shut down properly..' message. This has happened twice, the first time I let the scan complete (1.5 hrs+) and a bad cache was identified and appeared to be sorted. When the system started again it had a list of errors longer than your arm, and being fairly new to this and luckily having no stored data, I formatted HD and reinstalled OS. Last night it happened again after installing the same USB driver. is the 8Gb hard drive on a 6 year old gateway finally failing? or is it something to do with the driver software?

all your opinions gratefully received.



  brittas 15:33 06 Oct 2004

Is the camera connecting into a usb 1 or 2 slot?

  Diemmess 15:54 06 Oct 2004

If the worst happens and you have to reinstall yet again, keep an eye (via Device Manager)on yellow warnings at the USB end of things.

It may be that the HD is about to go, but if you have to start again from Format, you should see few if any errors found during the format process, which should be fairly quick and display any bad sectors found.

Unless you have fitted a PCI-USB2 card, you are only looking at USB1 anyway, and that is why I suggest you check that there is no warning icon in that area once Windows is installed. Win98SE didn't know about USB 2.

I have used Win98SE and the Olympus USB drivers, but fortunately did not have your trouble. It might help to choose only the drivers first and avoid the pretty Camedia software until all seems OK.

No guarantee, but you could see if you can choose to restart later. Come out of the Olympus installation, do something simple, and then reboot.

  bert_g 07:30 07 Oct 2004

I've replaced the old hard drive with my slave drive, re-installed win98, installed usb driver from camera disc and so far all is well, the installation process was overall much faster than with the old HDD, the new one is a western digital caviar 20Gb, (not huge on capacity but enough for what i need), only downside is the time it now takes on startup for the system to pick-up the hdd and cd drives(around 1.5 minutes), but atleast it works.

As you said Diemmess, I installed the USB driver first on all occasions, third time-and-new-hard- disk-lucky I guess.
thanks for the responses.


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