Hard disk dying, can you tell.

  colberly 09:47 19 Nov 2006

After being away on holiday for a couple of weeks when we returned home and I switched on my PC it was very noisy until warmed up. It sounded like the fan was working overtime. This is still happening each morning on boot up and lasts for around 5 minutes or so. Once warmed up everything goes quiet again and back to normal.
Could it be the start of the demise of my HD, or just a clean needed for the components.

  Gongoozler 09:59 19 Nov 2006

Hi colberly. This is much more likely to be the processor fan, or - if your motherboard has one - the chipset fan. The only way to be sure is to take the cover off your computer and use something like a rolled up sheet of A4 paper as a stethoscope to locate the source of the noise. If you can tell us what motherboard you have, I will try to be more specific and suggest how to replace the fan.

  Blubottle 11:22 19 Nov 2006

I had a very similar problem and after replacing the psu ( I thought it was faulty), I found the source of the noise was the fan on the Graphics card which I managed to replace thanks to a forum reader.

  colberly 10:50 20 Nov 2006

Thank you both.
I tried to get the cover off this AM but whoever serviced the PC whilst under guarantee has either stripped the screw threads or screwed them so tight I can't undo them. Anyway have managed to clean the very large amount of dust off the fan with cotton buds and at the moment all is working quietly as it should. Will see how things go and if the noise starts again will have to ask my O/H to assist. I think it maybe time to upgrade anyway since I'm still running ME and this PC is over 6 years old with not a very big HD.

  freaky 18:25 20 Nov 2006

Could be due to a buildup of dirt on the fan blades causing vibration, or a noisy fan bearing. Doubt if the problem is your HD, and there is no fan it.

It could be an ideal opportunity for you to ask your O/H to buy you a new PC for Xmas!

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