Hard Disk Dying?

  laurie53 09:53 20 Nov 2005

When I fired up this morning I got a very piercing high pitched whistle/whine just as the welcome screen apeared. I had to kill the power, and when I retried I got the dreaded "Boot Disk Failure....."

I have managed to recover (obviously!) but am I right in asuming my hard drive is not at all well?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:04 20 Nov 2005

Certainly sounds like it.

would advise you to back up the drive ASAP.

  Skyver 10:06 20 Nov 2005

If you know the make of the drive go to their website and download some diagnostic software. Not sure how up to date these links are

Seagate - click here

Maxtor - click here

Hitachi/IBM click here

Western Digital click here

Fujitsu click here

Samsung click here

  steedprance 03:31 28 Nov 2005

Thank you so much about the infomation
i don't have a computer to test those stuff right now (using a laptop).
but the memory is from another computer directly
(i believe should be compatible to this motherboard)
so i think the momory should be fine.

  laurie53 16:15 05 Dec 2005

Changed the hard disk but I'm still getting this intermittent high pitched noise at boot up. Not every time, about 2 in every five. I have disconneceted, in turn, every drive, including floppy and opticals, and also disconnected the PC speaker in case some programme feature was generating it, but still get the noise. It only happens on boot up,both cold and hot (software installation etc) but never when coming out of hibernarion. Always just as the Welcome screen appears. It sounds a bit like fan bearing noise, either processor or PSU but no evidence of the bearings running hot. Anybody got any ideas?


  jack 16:20 05 Dec 2005

You didn't say tjh nature of the system but at a guess it is an AMD Athlone- if so its the CPU fan
the song of the Athlone I callit - I had it on my prevoius machine and now that I have recently rebuilt it to Athlone64[3 months] it can still get it.

So check the fan- clean off dust from blades and cooling fins , lift the boss lable and see the bearing a drop of 3 in 1 [not WD40 it dries and makes it worse] and whilst at it check Case fan/s and do the same.

  Freddog™ 16:21 05 Dec 2005

I know this sounds dumb but have you checked for lose wires?

  Gongoozler 16:26 05 Dec 2005

Hi laurie53. Noises from inside the computer are (from my experience) - Processor fan 80%, chipset fan (where there is one) 15%, PSU fan 5% (I don't have a graphics fan). The quick way I use to check if it is the processor fan or chipset fan (and I'll probably be told how dangerous this is) is to briefly touch the centre - not the blades - of the fan. If the noise stops or changes then that is the culprit. The safer way is to roll up a sheet of A4 paper to make a long tube about 2cm diameter and use that as a stethoscope to locate the noise source. If you do find a processor fan is responsible, there is no need to remove the heatsink, just unscrew the fan and fit a new one. You can either get the replacement fan from a similar sized heatsink assembly or you can buy a fan on it's own.

  laurie53 17:17 08 Dec 2005

Thanks everybody. I've already tried all of these, except oil to the PSU fan - like you I think that this is a pretty remote possibility. It still doesn't explain why it only happenes on boot up/reboot (never when coming out of hibernation), and always at the Welcome screen (never during BIOS checks or during Start Up programmes activating, and never when the computer has been running for hours).

When doing diagnostic checks I have on occasion let the noise carry on for a while. It never changes in tone/pitch nor does it seem to have any adverse effects on any programme or PC function!


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