hard disk dissapears every now and again

  bta1 23:49 16 Apr 2008

i am not very up with computers so bare with my hopeless explanation of what i believe to be a mother board and a bios.

every now and again the hard disk is not recognised by my pc.
when i go into the bios it isn't even there.
the only way i can get it going is by opening up the pc, taking the hard disk out and putting it back in again. i don't change anything, and it's not dusty at all. i'll pop it back in and cross my fingers and often the hard disk appears again.

i happen to have a spare hard disk that is exactly the same make and model, and when i put this one in the same thing happens sometimes it's there sometimes it isn't. so i guess the problem lies with the mother board and the connection.

i don't know if this is normal, but my hard disk connects to my mother bored with a black wire with a blue bit at the end. there are four slots in the mother board that are the same, so i guess that would mean i could put four hard disk leads in if i wanted to. so i thought i might be able to swap the slot the lead goes into and see if that is where the problem lies. but it is really hard to pull out so i don't know if your supposed to pull it out so i havn't done that yet.

if anyone understand what i've just said, could they tell me if they have any idea why this might be happening. it's a fairly new development in my old pc and i am prepared to bite the dust and get a new one, but i would like to do that later on in the year.
the pc is coming up to three years old, windows xp, 180GB, 3.0 ghz.

  RobCharles1981 00:07 17 Apr 2008

Have you tried another IDE Cable? It sounds like your current IDE Cable is faulty to me?

  GaT7 00:23 17 Apr 2008

Make sure to power-off the PC & pull out the power cord/disconnect at wall socket before doing anything. Also ensure that all drive cables are securely pushed completely into their sockets before switching the PC back on again.

If what RobTheOrganGuru suggests doesn't work, try choosing another slot/connector on the motherboard to connect your hard disk to. G

  DieSse 01:00 17 Apr 2008

Bad connections on the power (the smaller white plug) can also cause problems.

There's usually a spare one or two of them - try using a different one.

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