Hard Disk Dead!

  coldee 23:53 26 Feb 2003

Have a 40GB HD & use Windows ME. Started getting message - incorrect shutdown, run scandisk - even when logged off ok. Scandisk kept getting interrupted when left running. Eventually, windows wouldn't load when switched on. In the end, tried re-installing ME, seemed to go ok until got message that hard disk not found.
Had an 'IT' fried check it out for me - no power, hard disk was dead! Tried all methods to get it working - no joy. Tried recovery software to recover data files - again no joy.
Can anyone advise whether it is likely that the disk can be 'repaired'. Or any decent companies to use for data recovery (I know it's expensive, so any ideas?). Probably got about 1GB of data but approx 4GB of MP3 files - can recovery be selective?

  woodchip 23:56 26 Feb 2003

Start your computer with a win98se floppy disc, at A:\> type FDISK/MBR then try rebooting your computer

  coldee 00:09 27 Feb 2003

woodchip - thanks for the response, but this was one of the things we tried, with no luck.

  doug 06:33 27 Feb 2003

Do you know the manufacturer of the hd? It may be possible to download an hd check and recovery facility. Post your details here and someone may post you a link. Good luck.

  Derek 07:24 27 Feb 2003

I promise you that 'recovery' by the specialists is very very expensive and usually prohibitive to the 'home' user.
Question - is it possible for you to borrow another hard drive of any size and pop it in just to prove your system.

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