hard disk crash

  wilgil 15:28 10 Jan 2003
  wilgil 15:28 10 Jan 2003

i am running win98se and my computer just blacks out all of a sudden. i have to turn off at the back and then on again or even unplug and then plu in again to the mains to get it to restart. all i am doing at the time of crash is browsing the web with IE6. how do i prevent the crashes? is it a software or hardware problem?

  Diemmess 15:43 10 Jan 2003

To kick this one off, It sounds more software than hardware.

To ask you the obvious one, does this EVER happen when you are offline and well away from IE6?
Perhaps doing something intensive like graphic stuff or a game?

  wilgil 11:51 16 Jan 2003

Diemmess, i think you are right about the software. although i don't do games or intensive graphic, it does happen while offline. i am thinking it could be to do with software conflicts re dvd and cd-rw drives. eg i have windows media player, winamp, realplayer, quicktime, easycd, oh and a free dvd player called maximus dvd which is about the most dubious one of all. on the last crash the dvd light went on as the machine went down. another thing is that i now have to have the 2 NAV options disabled on start up or i seem to come up in safe mode.

so is there any shortcut round uninstalling and also searching for updates? i tend to have auto-notification of update disabled.

  symmetry 12:19 16 Jan 2003

wilgil, if you think it could be one of your drives and are ok with going into your computer then I would disconnect them, boot-up and see if it crashes, if it doesn't then reconnect 1 of them and test again.

Also, what 2 NAV options are you refering to? Could you be a little more specific.

And if you go to click here you will be able to download updates to Windows.

  QuickHare 13:22 16 Jan 2003

Could it be a bad connection in the power button or mains lead or plug that is cutting all power to the system?

That could cause a blackout randomly.


  wilgil 16:16 18 Jan 2003

symmetry, the norton av options are in run>ms> config>startup> and are nav def alert and norton autoprotect.

i will see about disconnecting drives. but failure is intermittant and i can get quite a long up time before a crash.

QuickHare: i quite like your point of view. i upgraded an old extension lead to a super belkin surge protector, and i have swapped the power cable. but failure is/was intermittent with all combinations, so inside the box on power button is a next step. also i am crashing on anything, like just ms word 2000, and when i do ctrl/atl/del there is almost nothing running. so that makes me think "hardware".

but i will be doing software update esp windows also. i have already done the main one that one does after install win98se.

  wilgil 20:51 22 Jan 2003

i did my windows updates, and after a few crashes the system seems to be more stable. i am now trying opening more apps to get it to crash but it is still up. some of the updates related to IE6, so maybe i am in the clear now.

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