Hard disk corruption PLEASE help

  sully2005 10:45 09 May 2005

Hey guys,

Any help on this would be great.

I was running Disk clean up one night, i left it running and went out for a few beers.

On my return I accidently switched off my PC.

I now cannot load up windows on that drive at all.

Have I really lost all my data ? Is there Any thing I can do ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  Diodorus Siculus 10:50 09 May 2005

Do you have access to another PC? You may be able to add that drive as a slave to another.

Or try a repair install of XP using the XP CD.

  sully2005 10:55 09 May 2005

Thnx for the quick responce. My PC is split so I have two hard drives one for Internet access and one for audio production.

When I click on the drive to browse it asks me if I want to format the disk.

Shall i try the windows repair ? is that my best option ?

Thnx again

  martjc 10:55 09 May 2005

It should be fine then.

  sully2005 10:56 09 May 2005

Ok thnx Martjc

  sully2005 09:08 10 May 2005

Hey guys,

I cant run the repair as its not even seeing the windows installation on the disk.

Any further ideas ?

Thnx in advance


  Chegs ® 09:23 10 May 2005

There are a range of "File Recovery" tools online,some free(that are crap)and a few pay for that work well enough.There are also "Partition" recovery tools,but I'm struggling to recall the names of ones I have used successfully.

Google is your friend....click here

  sully2005 09:26 10 May 2005

Thanks m8

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