Hard Disk capacity

  bovthedog 10:59 10 Nov 2007

I have an oldish Dell P3 PC with Intel SE440BX-3 mobo and P09 bios running Win98se. Current HDD is 15Gb ATA33 but I would like to fit a larger capacity HDD and switch to XP. How can I find out the maximum address capacity for this system? Will a new ATA133 HDD run off the ATA33 driver or will I need a PCI-ATA133 card?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:23 10 Nov 2007

Why not get an external HD (around £50 for 320gb). You can use your original for running XP and put all the programmes/photos/music on the external. Saves a lot of faffing around.


  Totally-braindead 11:31 10 Nov 2007

Personally I would be wary, XP is not anything like as hardware hungry as Vista but still requires a decent processor and a reasonable amount of memory.
A Pentium 3 is a good processor for 98 but depending on which speed it is it might struggle a bit on XP particularly if you have little RAM.
A friend tried it on his which was 800mhz I think and had 256mb RAM and he couldn't accept the downgrade in speed, it worked it was just slow. I did suggest more memory but unfortunatly being an old PC the memory was very expensive.
He went back to Win 98.
I would do a bit more research before you end up wasting your time.

  bovthedog 11:33 10 Nov 2007

Thanks Gandalf but, as I asked in my OP, how do I know that my system will address 320Gb?

  bovthedog 11:43 10 Nov 2007

Thanks T-b my P3 is also 800Mhz and 384Mb RAM. Increasing memory would not be a problem when the alternatives like a new PC or mobo are considered. The only way I can find out whether it's worth while doing the upgrade is to try it, but it's pointless buying an HDD if I can't address it all. Hence my original question.

  Totally-braindead 11:48 10 Nov 2007

I would answer you if I knew the answer but I don't I'm afraid. I would double check on memory though, my mates PC perhaps took a strange type of memory but it was over £80 for 256mb and that is not cheap when you can get a motherboard bundle with processor and memory for about £80.

  Quiller. 12:05 10 Nov 2007

Your motherboard supports upto Ultra DMA2 ( ATA133 ) and will run a 32Gb hard drive, at least and just might be able to go to 64Gb.

If you were to purchase a hard drive, I would look for a 60Gb UDMA, they are backwards compatable, with a 32Gb clip.

If the bios does not recognise the 60Gb, you could enforce the clip and reduce the size to 32Gb.

Enough for XP.

  Quiller. 12:12 10 Nov 2007

Typo mistake

Ultra DMA2 ( ATA133 ) is of course ( ATA33 )

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 10 Nov 2007

If you use an external disk you will have no need to worry about capacity etc as any size will work.


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