hard disk activity causes sound interference

  wellers 12:26 04 Apr 2004

I've just got home from uni for the Easter holidays only to find my dad's been at the computer again. It always fills me with dread to return home and discover just what problem he might have created this time.

Earlier in term he rang me to tell me that the computer was asking him for sound drivers. I was a bit puzzled as to what he had done in order to remove them but guided him to their whereabouts. Later that day he rang to say hed taken it all apart and had managed to short out the fan power circuit on the motherboard (parents, whod have em). I dont know how he managed to keep the rest of the motherboard intact but it seems to be working.

However, when playing audio if the hard disk is being accessed then the music begins to click, whir and skip. Ive fed various things into google but all that came back was a windows solution to a problem when playing CDs with digital audio output. This is a problem that affects all sound, not just CDs. Apparently everything was fine before whatever happened happened...quelle surprise.

Short of taking my dad off to a darkened room and pummelling his brains out does anyone have any idea what might somehow give me satisfaction in solving this problem?

Computer is:
1.2ghz tbird on an asus a7m266 (i think) with 256MB DDR memory. Radeon 8500. Soundblaster Live 5.1 Platinum and a 120gb Western Digital 8mb special edition caviar. FWIW there is also an onboard soundcard which is disabled. I'll try enabling it and seeing if it works without any problems

  GaT7 01:52 07 Apr 2004

You can try the t'shooting/tweaking tips mentioned here - click here about
"Optimizing your system for better sound performance" from the Creative website as you've got one of their sound cards.

Note one important consideration when making any changes: "If changing one specific setting does not resolve the difficulty, it is recommended that you change it back to the previous setting, or the default setting, before proceeding with a different configuration."

Oh! and leave poor Dad alone. Your fault alone for letting him lose on your PC ; } . It may be worth your while to tell him to join this Forum. Any future 'disasters' & we lot may be able to remedy them before the prodigal son returns to pummel him into submission!

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