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  inneedofhelp 14:47 26 Apr 2004

Hello all,
Just a quick question, well 2.

I bought a new hardrive and installed it in the normal manner. Whne my pc boots up, it shows both the hard drives and both of by cr drives (all correct).
On opening windows, i go into my computer to establish if the drive is accesible, however it only shows my c:\ and my two cdrom drives. Any ideas how to rectify this?Im going to fiddle with it when i get home, so any tips before thne would be good.ps, O/S =win xp home, seagate 40gig HDD

Oh , the second one is, when i type the @ symbol, i get the " sysmbol. I have gone into control panal to change this however that didnt work. I also bought a new keyboard and exactly the same happens.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:57 26 Apr 2004

First problem: the disk needs to be partitioned - right click on "my computer" and choose "manage" - then disk management. From there you can format, partition the disk etc.

Teh second problem is that youy have set the keyboard as US rather than UK - go into "keyboards" in the control panel and set for UK.

  moore_mat 14:59 26 Apr 2004

Hi inneedofhelp

Problem 1 - you need to format the drive to a structure that the computer can understand, if the Hard drive was supplied with a floddy disk, then boot your computer with this in and follow the instructions, otherwise, this is a good starter:=-

click here

Problem 2 - you have American English as your language, go to Control panel and get into the "Language" icon. Go through ALL boxes, and change them from English (US) to English (UK). Also do the same in the "Keyboard" icon in Control panel

Hope this is of some use



  moore_mat 15:00 26 Apr 2004

lol - beaten to it!

Same as Diodorus Siculus really.

BTW floddy = floppy - don't know HOW that happened...


  inneedofhelp 15:04 26 Apr 2004

how is this possilbe when my computer doesnt even show the drive. I take it i will be able to do it if i follow the above suggestions eg right click on manage. But surely it cant 'manage' it if i cant see it, perhaps im wrong. Ps i didnt come with a floppy

  Diodorus Siculus 15:06 26 Apr 2004

Well, is it visible in the disk management as I sugested?

If not, you can get a boot disk from bootdisk.com and run fdisk from it.

  inneedofhelp 14:25 27 Apr 2004

hey, ure were right, it was visible, and now it works. Thanks

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