Hard disc wear/tear/damage

  moso 17:05 21 Aug 2005

It's taken some courage to ask this one. Given current advice to have several programmes for malware and virus detection and to keep them up to date and scan frequently - what is the long term inpact on the hard drive? Does frequent scanning cause significant wear/tear/damage OR is any effect trivial compared with normal disc usage.

  johnnyrocker 17:15 21 Aug 2005

in my opinion little or no effect but i am open to disagreement?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 21 Aug 2005

What it would cost to replace the Hard drive earlier due to wear and tear is negligable compared to the cost of things like:

Loss of bank details and someone emptying your account (just happened to a relative)

your passwords used to buy things in your name.

Dialer using premium rates.

  DieSse 22:12 21 Aug 2005

"OR is any effect trivial"

It's trivial

  jakimo 22:30 21 Aug 2005
  moso 22:51 21 Aug 2005

Thanks Johnnyrocker, Fruit Bat/\0/\, DieSse, and jakimo. That's helpful and reassuring.

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