Hard Disc Transfer

  Patrick-265601 21:11 02 Mar 2004

How do I actually transfer my current hard disc to my new computers hard disc. I have a USB data transfer cable. Thank you

  MichelleC 21:53 02 Mar 2004

It's probably easier and quicker to hook up old hd as slave to master on new. Here's a list of jumper settings I got from Windows Forum click here

  temp003 02:39 03 Mar 2004

If you're just copying files over (such as data), do as MichelleC suggests, especially if you have quite a lot of stuff to copy.

If you're thinking of transferring everything over including the operating system, and so that the new disk is bootable, you'll need to do a bit more. If so, also tell us what operating system you're using.

  Patrick-265601 00:07 05 Mar 2004

I am using Windows Xp

  temp003 01:15 05 Mar 2004

Go to your new hdd's manufacturer's website, and look for free downloadable utilities for cloning the old hard disk on to the new hard disk, and make the new hard disk bootable. Don't confuse the cloning utility with Drive Overlay software (which is NOT what you want).

You will need to connect the new hard disk to the old computer, set the old hard disk as master, new hdd as slave.

The new hard disk needs to have a primary partition and the XP boot sector to be bootable. The utility will tell you what to do.

Otherwise, you can invest in software such as Ghose or Drive Image, which can also do it for you.

  temp003 01:23 05 Mar 2004

Sorry, I've missed something, which is that you have a new computer.

The XP copy on the old computer will have the drivers for the old motherboard components. Even if you succeed in transferring XP on to the new disk, and making it bootable, you're likely to encounter problems because XP needs to have the new drivers for the new motheboard components (unless the 2 motherboards are very similar). In that case, you will need to do a repair installation of XP, which is going through the same installation process without formatting, but keeping your programs and data.

You're probably better off installing XP on the new machine afresh. Reinstall Windows updates and programs, then stick the old hard disk in on the new computer as slave, and copy your data over. This process probably won't be much longer than cloning the old hdd on to the new one and then doing a repair installation. But you will end up with a much cleaner XP on the new computer.

  Patrick-265601 11:01 06 Mar 2004

Thank you for all your excellent points which I have noted and which I shall observe now with great caution. I'll let you know how I get on folks!

  mrdsgs 13:49 06 Mar 2004

i stand to be corrected, but if you intend to move/copy an xp operating system disk/partition from one computer to another, you will be required to reactivate xp because xp is designed for legal reasons to prevent hard drive cloning so that you are forced to have one license per machine.

Doing what you suggest implies that you could intend to end up with two computers both running xp from the same license.

Hoqwever, my interpretaion of your intentions could be wrong.

If you are destroying the the old pc as apart of an upgrade then a phone call to microsoft should solve the reactivation issue.

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