hard disc space

  fstr 11:25 27 Dec 2003

My hard disc is becoming full but a rough calculation of programmes etc. I seem to have lost a lot of space presumably temp or backups files is there any way to find out and remove these. I run windowsXP someone said that enabling system recovery uses a fair amount of space any info will be appreciated.

  [email protected] E 11:32 27 Dec 2003
  Forum Editor 11:34 27 Dec 2003

does use disk space, but it's money well spent so to speak, and I don't recommend that you disable it.

You can ensure that you make the optimum use of disk space by doing the following things regularly:-

1. Start/all programs/accessories/system tools disk cleanup. Run this handy tool to remove unwanted files from your hard drive.

2. Follow the same path to system tools and select defragmenter. Run the defragmenter AFTER doing the disk cleanup. This utility will improve performance rather than save space, but it's worth doing nevertheless.

3. Regularly clear your internet cache in Internet Explorer - go to tools/Internet options and select 'Delete files' from the temporary internet files section.

Try those first, and see if it makes any difference.

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