Hard disc size limitations

  stanbar 16:07 01 Jun 2003

In a fit of affluence I bought a 120Gb hard disc and this registers at start up as 123 Gb but when I go to Fdisk it only shows 55226Mbytes(Or there abouts)which I think is a tad short.
In the old days there used to be a limit of 8Mb and I was thinking there may be another limit.
Evenso can anyone suggest how I can get my lost Gbytes back so that I can partition the whole disk. Thank you.

  ^wave^ 16:12 01 Jun 2003

what system and what mother board what proc

  Piggy,Piggy 16:13 01 Jun 2003

Bumpedy Bump

  Rtus 16:14 01 Jun 2003

Depends on the Bios of the motherboard in use ? however Most Hard drive sites offer drive overlay software which when used allow your bios to see the full drive size.Or you could partition it into 2 or more sections before you setup O/S on it use additional partitions for other O/s's or storage

  DieSse 17:44 01 Jun 2003

Check this general discussion click here

Also this specific fdisk problem http:// support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B263044

Cut and paste then take out the space after //

I think you need to use the version of fdisk that comes with winME, which has fixed this problem.

  DieSse 17:47 01 Jun 2003

... or take the download offered on the page ...

  stanbar 23:35 03 Jun 2003

I managed to partition the disk with a third party program 'Paragon Partition Manager' it worked very well after I got used to usung it.
Many thanks to all thoise that helped.

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