Hard Disc Drive.

  askgreg 17:47 02 Apr 2003

I have just bought a larger Hard Drive,the one installed was quite small.I want to use this new drive as the master,and the other will just be used for Data.I have formatted this new drive and can now transfer info from my original disc to the new one.Do I have to reinstall Windows on this new disc before I can use it as the Master and the other as the Slave.?

Many Thanks in anticipation. Young_greg

  barrie_g 18:45 02 Apr 2003

Quick answer YES, you need to reinstall windows as when you set up your new hard drive as master it should become the "C" drive and the system will look here for the OS but it will be on your old drive "D"

  Switcher 18:49 02 Apr 2003

NOT if you use Ghost to clone the old to the new.

  Ironman556 19:01 02 Apr 2003

Installing Windows again will give you a clean install, it may be a little more work, but programs should run faster and you'll clear out any junk you don't need/want. Then all you have to do is copy everything you want, documents etc. from your old drive (now the D) to the freshly installed Windows version on C. Then format your old drive to free that up.


  askgreg 19:43 02 Apr 2003


What is 'Ghost', this isn't a program that I know.
Many Thanks to you who have responded, I hope I can do the same for you sometime.

Greg Askey.

  Switcher 00:08 03 Apr 2003

Ghost is a program which allows you to make an exact copy of a hard disk either directly or as an image file.

Example. You have a 4.3GB hard drive which is nearly full so you buy a 30GB hard drive.

You connect the new drive as slave and FDISK it.

You then use the program GHOST to clone the 4.3GB to the 30GB disk. You now have two identical disks except that one is a 4.3 and the other is a 30GB

You can then alter the jumpers to make the new disk the master and the old disk the slave and if you wish wipe the old one and use it to backup data.

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