Hard Disc Clean up

  geoff47 15:44 21 Nov 2005

I have been trying to clean up my Hard disc.
Uninstalling progams that are redundant and trying to speed up a little.
I find that the hard drive still has the same spare space as before uninstalling and disc scanning and defragging.

Is this correct?
Any advice to get my machine as sleek as it once was?
Using win 98 by the way.
Many thanks Geoff47

  Curio 18:02 21 Nov 2005

Have you emptied the Recycle Bin. Until that is done it all stays on your HDD

  Diemmess 18:04 21 Nov 2005

Space made by getting rid of redundant stuff depends on how much space they occupied. Not very much apparently!

Temporary files are rarely needed in 98SE and if you havn't removed any Temporary Internet Files there's a good place to start. CCleaner is an excellent freebie for laxative purposes!
click here

Speed is subjective. I think we all enjoy the speed of a brand new computer and very soon become accustomed to it.

The more familiar with the old computer, the more likely you are to benefit from added RAM.
You need 64Mb for 98 to run at all well. Any increase up to 250Mb will make a significant difference. After that the Law of diminishing returns applies up to 512Mb. After that Windows 98SE "doesn't understand" and will likely crash.

Finally if you haven't already tried it run msconfig and untick practically everything listed for startup except for about 4 items including System tray - the others I forget but in this forum someone will have the answer.

  geoff47 23:26 21 Nov 2005

I tend to get each and every tune up,clean up,tweak up,spyware grabber,in fact have had a lot of un needed stuff,I tend to empty the recylcle bin after deleting anything immediately.
I have recently had some problems where the PC seems to go crazy,windows tumbling open then closeing,as if it was a presentation or something.
I have considered the keyboard or mouse being sticky or something.My latest thoughts have been to thin down some of the surplus excess programs,and generally tidy things up.
I have uninstalled as I said and then ran CCleaner after scan disc and defrag,am I just becomeing more paranoid than usual,or have I done everything required?
I just FEEL the PC to be unstable....(like I would know)
I am paranoid aren't I ?

  foxxxy 00:02 22 Nov 2005

Beware of many of the "free" programs on offer. Many come with unwanted baggage such as spyware etc. "Cleanup" by Stephen Gould is excellent as is "Spybot" and both are free to home users. Run every few days.

  dexstar 00:03 22 Nov 2005


  geoff47 01:14 22 Nov 2005

Many thanks......
believe I am a little paranoid ...but have all the programs needed to sort out any problems now.
Will be ruthless in trimming back dead wood over the next few sessions....just dont need half of what I have,dont know why I installed them.


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