hard change

  CiderBob 20:02 05 Apr 2004

I have intel celeron mmx 433. 192 ram. 6 gig hard. I want to change the hard for an 80 gig. My brother has an 80 gig with win 2000 on it. I did a straight swop but it doesn't work Any ideas?????

  Mikè 20:08 05 Apr 2004

I think you are going to have to give more info, what doesn't work exactly.

  CiderBob 20:33 05 Apr 2004

I just wanted to take the hd out of one machine and put it in another but it won't work in the second machine. The first machine about 4 years old but pentium 3 chipset 500. Mine is the celeron mmx 433 chipset. HD works ok in 1st machine. Won't boot up in 2nd machine. What other info do you need??? They are both around the same age.

  TomJerry 20:36 05 Apr 2004

Some motherbaord can not handle large HDD, but some manufacturers provide bios upgrade for it.

Get to bios and check if the HDD is recognised, use auto to detect it. By the way, have to set jumper correctly.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:42 05 Apr 2004

If the mobo is different and drivers different the reg enteries are different is the OS you have different as well? if you wont to swop you need to format the drive and reinstall the OS so it can recognise your system.


  Graham ® 20:47 05 Apr 2004

You will have to change the hard drive properties in setup/bios. Look on the drive for 'cyls' 'head', etc.

  CiderBob 20:47 05 Apr 2004

So if I format the 80 gig on my brothers machine and put my copy of win 98se on it, Everything might go ok???

  Gongoozler 20:51 05 Apr 2004

If your brother's machine is happy with the 80G drive, then it should be fine with Windows 98se. Make sure you have the Windows 98 drivers for all the bits though.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:54 05 Apr 2004

Put 98se on it while its in your system not your brothers.You can format it in his pc if you like.


  Graham ® 20:56 05 Apr 2004

No that's not the way to go. The OS on the drive will not affect it's 'acceptance'. You must tell your PC the characteristics of the drive, not what's on it.

  Graham ® 21:03 05 Apr 2004

I was, of course, referring to CiderBobs response of 20:47, not the subsequent ones!

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