Hanns G 216D monitor - text displays oddlly...

  RWest 18:36 08 Nov 2007

Yes, I have a 22 inch [21.6" diagonal to be accurate] Hanns G flat screen.

When I alter the screen resolution [by right click on desktop area/ properties/ Settings, then moving the slider] the text displays oddly.

It's clearly a function of the screen - if I shrink a window and drag it, the lettering changes; thus for example Tools can look like Tccls. A quick test in PC World shows that it's normal for text to be a bit unlear as the resolution's changed, but this is unusually emphatic and damaging to readability.

Anyone got any idea if there's a software tweak to get around this? My graphics card is an nVidia; I've tried their control software, in particular the alising/ anti-aliasing, but nothing makes much, if any, difference.

Regards Ray West

  Joe R 18:51 08 Nov 2007


you could give this a try. click here

  RWest 19:48 08 Nov 2007

JoeR, thanks a million. It's not perfect, but then, this is the real world. If you weren't male, I'd give you a big hug. Thanks.


  Totally-braindead 19:53 08 Nov 2007

You might find as well that if you set the screen resolution at the native resolution IE what is recommended for the monitor it may help the display look better.
I have found on my 17" that some resolutions look terrible even with Cleartype though it does help.

  RWest 22:52 08 Nov 2007

Thanks, braindead. (I used to know a braindead from a chatroom - maybe you live in Luton!). Yes, on 'native resolution' the display is pin sharp and perfect, but rather tiny; I prefer to swap the display rather than alter icon sizes etc etc. It's odd - I just haven't heard of this problem before. Maybe the 800 x 600, 1078 by whatever, were calculated more cleverly than I'd realised, taking account of RGB pixels.

  woodchip 23:02 08 Nov 2007

I have a similar Problem using a 32" LCD HDMI TV. I cannot get the Exact Resolution that the TV uses from My Graphics card. It does cut some Dialogue boxes short. Also Text gets colour where there should not be any

  RWest 00:52 12 Nov 2007

woodchip, trying to revisit this link I found another; they said try

cleartype tuner powertoy

on the microsoft site, which seems to be a beefed up ClearType. I haven't tried it yet - my link is slow - but I'll pass it on anyway and keep my fingers crossed.

  RWest 13:02 12 Nov 2007

I downloaded this 'powertoy', and to my annoyance it's identical to the other ClearType tuner - which I already know to be better than nothing but not perfect.

I've come to the conclusion that the size of these monitors may be the problem. With 1680 x 1050 pixels, neither of these numbers divides by eg 600 by 800 or many other settings; so maybe it's inevitable the the displays of text are a bit naff? Quite a bit of googling has failed to find me anything better.

  RWest 15:03 12 Nov 2007

Marg7, it's not a problem with the graphics card [new nVidia] though it may be the monitor.

Perhaps I haven't described it well. As the window is moved, there's an entirely predictable effect - the pixels obviously don't divide exactly into the text display. The display at 'native mode' is perfectly sharp. It's the 15 other the 15 assorted dimensions that don't display sharply. I think many users never change their screen dimensions; but I find it useful for various purposes - for one thing it's easier than altering font sizes and so on.

It may be it's completely unavoidable. Or it may be that digital graphics outputs - the rectangular connections - are better than the VGA style one I have (the three rows of pins in smaller connector) that are the problem; maybe my supplier was saving money? I just don't know

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