Hanging on boot up

  GBL 09:57 12 Mar 2009

I am using XP Pro with all the updates from MS, recently I have been getting an intermitent problem in that it hangs when booting up, it stop at the page which displays the HDD's etc, I have to keep switching off and retrying. Thankfully it eventually fires up. Could this be the HDD at fault, I have two fitted and am wondering whether to format the second one and use that and my existing "C" HDD as the spare after reformatting it.
My copy of XP is OEM if that makes a difference.

  Terry Brown 10:56 12 Mar 2009

If you have the XP CD,boot the system up.

Put the CD in the drive and from RUn, type

sfc/ scannow

Note the space between / and scannow, this is necessary.

This will use you CD to check and restore settings to the CD defaults, clearing any system errors.

You may need to re-install any updates again.

  GBL 11:09 12 Mar 2009

Thanks for that, will have a go a little later on as the PC is being used now and I don't want to mess it up. I will report back when I have done it. Thanks again

  GBL 11:23 12 Mar 2009

Tried that but I get the message, Windows cannot find the file sfc check the spelling etc.

  lotvic 23:13 12 Mar 2009

Click Start > Run and type sfc /scannow and then click OK.
Note the space between the c and the /

You may need your Windows XP CD so have it ready.
If you have Service Pack 2 (SP2) or SP3 installed, you will need the SP2 or SP3 version of the version of the CD. This can be done with a borrowed CD, if you don't have one.

Allow the scan to run and when completed, reboot the system.

  Simsy 04:43 13 Mar 2009

it's a problem with Windows, judging by where you say the stalling is happening;

"it hangs when booting up, it stop at the page which displays the HDD's etc"

I'm assuming you mean during the POST test when the BIOS checks all the PC hardware before attempting to boot?

The blunt answer to your question as to whether it could be the Hard Drive is "Yes", it could be.

I'd take the following steps, in this order;
1) Back up all data to an external source, such as external HD or DVD etc.
2) Check the connections to the Hard Drives, both data and power.
3) Disconnect other USB peripherals which may be taking power at this stage, as a check in case it's a power/power supply issue.
4) See if your system clock is giving the correct time. If not, perhaps the motherboard battery has died. This might give some strange happenings on boot up.

Good luck,



  GBL 10:11 13 Mar 2009

Yes Simsy that is the point of hang up but not every time, i had wondered about that HDD and thought about swapping over to the other one I have, I take it that I can still reinstall XP on that even with the OEM version.
The only other peripheral would be an external HDD which I do leave permenantly connected. The battery seems OK as the clock keeps good time. Will start to back up everything.

  Spark6 10:23 13 Mar 2009

If it is any consolation I have been suffering similar problems and have reformatted, changed discs over etc, checked the discs all to no avail. Last week I changed the CMOS battery, even though the clock was OK, and the machine appears to be fine, even with a loaded drive that had been acting up!

Fingers crossed for a couple of weeks.

  GBL 10:33 13 Mar 2009

Thanks Spark6 that is interesting I will change the battery as it is a few years old, could be worth it for a couple of quid. Probably will still change the HDD over as well. Take care.

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