Hang Ups giving me Hang Overs!

  caradoc 13:50 03 Apr 2003

Running a AMD Athlon 800Mhz PCU, 512 Mb RAM, Nvidia Ti4200 Graphics Card on a Soltek mobo.
Keep getting hang ups (again!). As I have had the machine OS - Windows 98 re-installed a number of times to "correct" the problem it still re-appears. Drivers for graphics card are up to date BUT could it be that the problem is with my mobo? It is now 4 to 5 years old and no longer manufactured. Would appreciate advice/ideas on this as the problem does not occur at any set time. Can run for 5 mins or up to an hour before I get a hang up. Then have to re-boot and start again. Tried uninstalling various programs to check for conflicts but they seem OK. Did think at one time it was my ISP (AOL) causing the problem.

  PA28 14:18 03 Apr 2003

Try running with the case off and see if this improves matters (Keep little fingers out!). It may be that the Athlon is overheating. Your cure would be thermal gel, bigger better cooling, and case extraction fan if you haven't got one already.

  PA28 14:20 03 Apr 2003

Oh - and make sure that you haven't got a dust build up on the mobo, heatsink, fan, etc, that could obstruct airflow through the case.

  Holographic_man 14:59 03 Apr 2003

It could be your Bios that is out of date, the reason I say it is I have just replaced my bios chip and no more probs. Mind you I am running xp home, almost the same set up as you but with a 80gb hdd. just a thought.

  caradoc 18:38 03 Apr 2003

Have tried the sides off for a while now as I thought overheating may have been the problem.
Even tried an external full size fan blowing through the case!!

You may be right -unfortunately my mobo is no longer manufactured so looks as if its a new one unless I can find a site with a bios update.
Anyway thanks for the help.

  Holographic_man 22:30 03 Apr 2003

Give these people a look, my mobo is over 3 years old and they have just sent me a Bios chip today and installed it and all is well

click here

  caradoc 23:04 03 Apr 2003

Thanks for the bios chip info Holographic_man. Will give it a try before the hammer!!

  Holographic_man 15:19 04 Apr 2003

Good luck caradoc

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