Hands up, Who works for Google?

  nightporter 11:47 07 Jan 2003
  nightporter 11:47 07 Jan 2003

Quite a few it would seem judging by the number of times people reply to problems with "Have you tried Google?" Surley people must explored several avenues to try and solve their problems, (including google and other search engines) or is it just me?

  northamuk 11:51 07 Jan 2003

Most people, it seems, have never heard of Google. Judging by the number of times the answer to questions comes up immediatley in Google, I can only conclude that people are unaware of the facility or, dare one say, just a teeny bit lazy?

  powerless 12:01 07 Jan 2003

Results x - xx of about 19,100,000. Search took 0.09 seconds

Nighporter did you check google to see who/what google is/was?

click here

click here

  Andÿ 12:04 07 Jan 2003

Ditto northamuk's reply (saves some typing).

  « Ravin » 12:53 07 Jan 2003

maybe it isn't that they don't know about google but that they search for the wrong terms due to inexperience?

  Patr100 13:00 07 Jan 2003

I don't work for Google but it often works for me.
I also agree with northamuk's sentiments.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:03 07 Jan 2003

click here for the top result of putting "Who works for Google" into click here

  weejobbie 13:05 07 Jan 2003

none of my colleagues work for google, but we use google not only for leisure (out of working hour searching) but also for professional and business use, and I would say 9.99 out of 10 we can find positive results within the first page - that does not happen on Yahoo or alta vista.

  powerless 13:06 07 Jan 2003

I'll never be able to look at another pigeon again without thinking of google.

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