Handheld Scanner

  suburban train 15:53 04 Feb 2004

Dear All

I am looking to buy a hand held scanner so that i can scan content from books and journals. are they available Ive tryed looking i various shops but just get blank responses.

Are they available and where could i buy them from?



  Clint2 16:01 04 Feb 2004

A quick Google search revealed click here

  Edstow 16:05 04 Feb 2004

There used to be the Siemens Pocket Reader which scanned text one line at a time.

It never caught on and is now discontinued (I think).

I have one. I cost me £10 - they were being sold off as obsolete stock. Frankly, it is more trouble than it's worth because of the errors it makes with even a slight straying off the line. Later it was issued with a straight edge guide to try and prevent this but, even so, it wasn't very practical to use.

If you're scanning in libraries it's much more convenient to use their photocopier.


  Edstow 16:09 04 Feb 2004

The Irispen shown by Clint2 looks very similar to the Siemens Pocket Reader, apart from the cable.

  suburban train 16:13 04 Feb 2004

Are the scanners which are built in to all in one printers such as Lemark all in one printer offer better quality than normal scanners on their own?

  Edstow 16:35 04 Feb 2004

I'm very "anti" these do-everything pieces of hardware. Remember that if anything goes wrong - and being mechanical that is quite a common occurrence - you are without all of the items of the device.

I doubt very much that the quality is better than a stand alone scanner but, never having used one, that is a guess. If they were that good, there would be no market for stand alone models:)

  Sheila-214876 16:45 04 Feb 2004

You should be able to scan from books and journals with a normal flatbed scanner, I do. If it is quite a thick book don't put the lid down but hold the book flat by hand. I used to have a "Handheld Scanner" but it was difficult to keep the scan straight and the stitching was awful.
I haven't seen a handheld scanner for years.

  Bagsey 17:49 04 Feb 2004

I have an old hand held scanner but the drivers are for win 95 and it worked sort off on 98 but I doubt if you will find any drivers for ME or XP. Flat beds are so much more convenient to use and cheap.

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