ramjam69 00:52 16 May 2004

When playing Halo, I reach a certain part of the game that causes an exception error. It doesn't matter how many save points I go back, when it gets to this area of the game, it ALWAYS crashes. I even played it right from the beginning again, but still crashed at the exact same point. Before you ask, I am running the latest patches and it makes no difference if I run the game in safe mode or any of the various resolutions. I have also submitted the problem to microsoft (about 20 times now actually!) and they've not offered any solutions except run the latest patch, which I did. I tried un/reinstalling the game, but nothing works. any ideas?

  Djohn 00:58 16 May 2004

Can't help with the problem ramjam69. But if you will please post your O/S. [Operating system] make/model of graphic card/ how much memory and anything else you think may help then someone will be able to offer advice. j.

  BeForU 01:26 16 May 2004

This problem is basically 'THE' major error for this game. Many thousands of people had this exact same error, including me. For some people, patching and reinstalling solves it but looks like it doesnt for you. It was the same for me as well. How frustrating isnt it lol?

The only way I've found to fix this problem was to reformat the whole computer and reinstall everything. Since then it has worked perfectly and I no longer get that stupid exception error. So unless you are desperate to do all that just for this game, then you could go for it.

Also check at the Gearbox forums and search around since many people post about this error still. click here

Had a look around and could only find references to memory problems, requiring voltage to be increased to get the game running properly (which isn't advisable) and a reference to background running programs clashing with Halo, such as popup-stoppers causing such errors.

click here (But looks like you tried that already.)

  ramjam69 08:53 16 May 2004

My os is windows XP home running on a time xp2400+system. I am running an ATi 9200 graphics card with the latest catylyst drivers(4.5 I believe). My system has 512MB pc2100 ram. Thanks for your help, but as yet, no good!

  Totally-braindead 12:18 16 May 2004

Its just a suggestion and there is no guarantee it will work but you could try using older drivers downloaded from the Ati site, I had one game 007 Nightfire that caused major problems with my card, a Radeon 9000 at the time, and the solution was to go back on the graphics drivers. If I remember rightly I went back 2 drivers and then it ran with no problems. As I said I can't guarantee this will actually work but you could try it. As BeForU has said perhaps there is no real solution for this particular game.

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