half life 2 an d future game graphics card spec

  John Watling 20:52 03 Oct 2004

im looking to buy a notebook which can be a desktop replacement for around a grand. i saw a toshiba satellite p20 with a nvidia GeForce™ FX Go5600 64 MB will this card be able to play the latest games like halflife2 and futre releases at a reasonably high setting?

  bremner 20:58 03 Oct 2004


Allegedly Half Life will need similar resources to Doom3.

You would have to play it with many of the settings turned right back with a Go5600

  2neat 21:09 03 Oct 2004

No. Desk pc with high end grafix card and 1G ram. CRT better for games.

  BeForU 22:17 03 Oct 2004

I'm with everybody else here. If you want to play games like Half Life 2 & any future games that will require high specifications, a Desktop PC is the only choice. Laptop's aren't really built for gaming purposes and although there are some very good spec ones, they still are not powerful enough to run these sorts of games. They can also drain up alot of battery power as well since they will require heavy CPU use should you want to play them on the move.

  BeForU 22:19 03 Oct 2004

Must add that will agree with 2neat on that CRT monitors are better for games hence the need for a Desktop PC instead. You would experience alot of ghosting on many laptops these days.

  John Watling 18:37 04 Oct 2004

what is ghosting? I need a laptop because im moving from house to house alot so a desktop isnt really practical. i do have a desktop at one of the houses but its graphics card is almost the same spec as the 5600 and everything else is lower than the laptop im looking at, the toshiba satellite p20 521

  grey george 19:28 04 Oct 2004

Ghosting is when a moving image leaves a trail behind it, because the screen cannot refresh quick enough to give a clear motion appearance.

I gave up upgrading my machine to play the latest games, you can go on for ever. Get a lap top that suits your computing needs and then buy a second hand xbox or ps2. No more upgrade hassels or duff game software crashing your machine.

Regards GG

  JonnyTub 19:35 04 Oct 2004

you couls always buy a crt and plug it into your laptop for when you want to play games.

  John Watling 16:47 05 Oct 2004

ive got an xbox but im not sure how long its gonna be for doom n half life to cum out on it. if its anything like unreal 2 ill be waiting over a year.

  John Watling 16:54 05 Oct 2004

just been on the dreaded tiny.com and they have a laptop for cheaper than satellite with a 128MB ATi Mobility Radeon 9700 Pro (M11)and all the other settings are better. will that play the likes of hl2 nd doom3 on a high setting? is it true that no card out at the moment will play doom 3 on the highest setting?

  BeForU 17:31 05 Oct 2004

You would be able to play on the 'High' settings with that card, but it would still be quite slow at times since you would really need the current generation of cards to play them properly. And it would be a while before laptops start doing mobile versions of them. It would also depend on the other specs of the laptop as well. And you would have to check the screen as well to see if it is capable of playing high speed games.

Yes it is true that no card at the moment can really support Doom 3's Ultra Extreme graphics mode as it requires to have a card with 512mb's of memory and there are none of those out yet.

I haven't heard any news of HL2 going out for the Xbox, although I know that Doom 3 is in development for it though.

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