Half life 2

  Shutt1e 14:26 09 Jul 2006

i am looking to buy half life 2 for my laptop but was wondering what this meant"Directx 7 capable graphics" i have added the model of my grapchics card below just incase that helps
intel gma 915 graphics card

  bugzy101 14:30 09 Jul 2006

I have half life 2 and my graphics card in my laptop is a 64mb nvidia geforce 4 440 go and it does run brill all the time and i dont think your laptops onboard graphics will be able to handle the game.

  bugzy101 14:31 09 Jul 2006

sorry i ment does not run brilliant all the time

  Shutt1e 14:37 09 Jul 2006

my graphics are up to 128mb but there shared so u dont think that it will run good
ok do you recomend any games that will

  andrew-196854 14:38 09 Jul 2006

i agree with bugzy101, i dont think on board graphic cards are very good for playing games such as half life 2 as it is a demanding game, you sure you have onboard graphic card? more info make model pc etc

  bugzy101 14:43 09 Jul 2006

half life 1 will work and that comes free with counter strike 1.6 which is a bit old but still is a good game for its age.

  bugzy101 14:44 09 Jul 2006

this game might work but im not to sure click here

good game though

  bugzy101 14:48 09 Jul 2006
  Totally-braindead 14:52 09 Jul 2006

Half life 2 demands quite a bit and its rather unlikely you would be able to get it going on the laptop you have.
You ask for some suggestions for other games that will run. Any of the older games should run, by older I mean 2 years old or more. Things like the Sold Out budget games like Command and Conquer Renegade and the Command and Conquer games up to Tiberian Sun. Generals wouldn't run I think. You can also try things like any adventure game they will run ok as well as Colin McRae Rally 1 and 2. Splinter Cell, the original game should run as well as many others. Its just the newer ones that definately won't run. Have a look here dor some ideas click here but read the specifications as to what is needed. The Tomb Raider games up to 4 should be ok as well, forget Tomb Raider Legend it needs a lot.

If you are on Broadband then what I would try is downloading a Demo of what you fancy, if the Demo runs ok then you can be almost certain the full game will run ok.

  bugzy101 15:01 09 Jul 2006

i agree with Totally-braindead, downloading a demo of a game to see if it runs ok is a good idea

  Shutt1e 15:55 09 Jul 2006

i dont no any good websites for downloading demos could you give me some thx

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