half the letters missing.

  elbecko 22:25 17 Sep 2007


quite often i will go to a site only to find that something is wrong with the letters.
it looks like all the lines of words are jammed up together.

however, on closer inspection it seems that the bottom half of each letter is missing!

i have had a look at the font sizes, but they are ok[20].

could someone help please?

  elbecko 22:27 17 Sep 2007

i forgot to mention that i run xp and opera.

  elbecko 05:20 18 Sep 2007

thanks for the suggestion, however i have checked that out and it seems ok.

  C3 06:36 18 Sep 2007

Check that it is only an Opera problem rather than something else.
Use IE7 and/or Firefox to go to one of the sites you're having problems with and see if they look ok. If so, then at least you'll know it is a problem with Opera.
I would suggest either get the latest version or if you already have, uninstall it and re-install and see what happens.

  Pesala 23:11 31 Oct 2007

Can you post a link to a page that shows these problems?

My minimum font size is set to 12 (pixels), and that is much bigger than the default (8 pixels IIRC). Web page normal text is set to 16, (the default is 13, I think).

  elbecko 06:29 19 Jan 2008

click here

heres a link but i bet it will not show up for you guys!

  octal 07:24 19 Jan 2008

It's a badly written site it doesn't look too good in Firefox either, here is a screenshot:

click here

ok this end, both ie7 and firefox 3

  octal 08:08 19 Jan 2008

Just tried Flock browser and it looks OK using that.

  Pesala 18:59 23 Jan 2008

"i have had a look at the font sizes, but they are ok[20]."

If you're referring to the font size for Web Page Normal text, that is larger than the default. Mine is 16, which is also larger than the default IIRC.

In IE7, the site also looks poor because I have my accessibility options to ignore fonts sizes specified in web pages.

The top website design mistake is legibility caused by fixed font sizes or small font sizes. click here

If you specify a minimum font size larger than 8 or 9 pixels, some sites will suffer from the problem you mentioned. As Octal says, this is bad site design.

Some things could perhaps be improved by changing your browser settings. If that doesn't help, then vote with your mouse — visit other sites instead.

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