Half-Decent Gfx card for under £60 possible??

  alexgray104 22:14 01 Oct 2007


I'm in the market for a new graphics card and have around £60 to spend. Is it possible to get one that will run recent games at a reasonable speed for this price?

Does anyone have any specific reccommendations?



  Devil Fish 22:30 01 Oct 2007

if you have PCI - E a couple of 8500s on this site should be ok with most games today but the jury is out on wether they will hack it on vista and dx10 games

click here

  alexgray104 23:08 01 Oct 2007

Cheers for your thoughts, I didn't think I'd be able to afford an 8 series!

  Devil Fish 23:15 01 Oct 2007

just a note overclockers charge £8.00 delivery for next day delivery if you order in the morning you get it the next day except on friday then you will get it monday unless you wish to pay extra for saturday delivery

Have used the site many times and have never experienced any problems with them

  robbiepaul79 09:54 02 Oct 2007

click here

You could check this it may do a job for you

  Coupon 10:21 02 Oct 2007

Have a look at this page for good performance comparisons of all todays current gfx cards. The 8500 doesn't fare too well.
click here

  robbiepaul79 10:38 02 Oct 2007

yea i linked the 8600 but not under £60 so ill shut up :)

  Marko797 11:07 02 Oct 2007

also u need to determine if ur motherboard takes agp or pci-e cards.
Another point to consider is a card that has shader 3.0 capability, as many of the newer games require this. I mention this so as to avoid u finding out that u cannot run some of the newer titles post-installation.

  alexgray104 17:32 02 Oct 2007


Good point Marko...

I've opened up the case and found to my horror that its AGP! I bought it with assurance from the bloke on ebay that it was PCI-E! Looks like a need a new mobo now, but hopefully I'll be able to save the processor with another Intel 775 board.

If I have to spend another £35 atleast on a mobo, it looks like I am going to need to ~60 quite a bit tighter, so might have to go down to a high end 7 series if the 8500 hasn't had good reviews.

Any Thoughts?

Cheers for replies,


  Marko797 17:41 02 Oct 2007

Alex, don't sweat on AGP. I'm on AGP n about to get myself an ATI X1950 Pro which does shader 3.0
Like u, I didn't want the hassle of changing mobo.

Loads to choose from but try this as 1 example click here

There are others too if u search the forum index. I'll see if I can dig out the thread I used.

  Marko797 17:44 02 Oct 2007

all this is related to the card I'm getting, but it might help in ur search on suppliers
click here

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