Half dead computer - no laughing please!

  The Potter 20:09 13 Nov 2006

A couple of weeks ago I turned on the computer; power light came on as did the harddrive light but nothing else. I have been busy trying to build a website for someone and had to carry on on an even more ancient machine so please don't mock the specs of my most modern one!

I replaced the harddrive but that didn't fix it and the harddrive worked ok in another machine. So now I'm thinking it's the CPU, what do you guys think?

I was looking to buy a whole new machine on ebay but I've only got £100 and found that to be not quite enough(!) so a new CPU seems to be my only option if you chaps think this may be the problem.

As my machine is so old it has been suggested I would need a whole new motherboard too. Here are the specs as I know them (some have 'or' because I got the info from Everest and Belarc Advisor and they differ very slightly):

CPU: AMD K6-2, 500MHz (5x100) or AMD K6-2 w/3DNow!
16KB primary memory cache
(Chipset: ALI M1541 ALADDiN5)
Sys Mem: 128MB (SDRAM)
BIOs: AMI(12/27/99) or AMI 0626 07/15/95 or AMI 586 1985-95 GK7 9989(that's whats written on it!)
Vid Adapter/3D accelerator ATI Rage 128VR AGP
Sound Card:Creative SB PCI128 (Ensoniq ES1371)
IDE Controller: ALi M5229 PCI Bus master
Bus Adapt: ALi PCI to USB Open Host Controller.

I think that's it! It's running WIN98 (I know.....) and had a 20GB harddrive but will be replaced with 80GB I just brought.

Sorry to be so long winded; I do hope you guys can help and not just write off my poor ol' machine!

The Potter

  sean-278262 20:13 13 Nov 2006

click here

That site may help.

  The Potter 20:20 13 Nov 2006

That's a very interesting site and I never knew it exsisted, I've marked it for future reference and I'm sure it'll be very helpful to others too.

At the moment though, I'd quite like to get my old one fixed up! Sounds crazy but you kinda get used to the funny quirks of one machine and this is a great lerning curve for me.

Has time moved on so much since I was last here that it isn't reasonable to ask someone to consider such 'ancient' specs? Forgive me if I have wronged:(

I will continue perusing the site you've just shown me incase I CAN come back and tick the resolved button!

Many thanks.


  sean-278262 20:23 13 Nov 2006

Ancient specs maybe but if it works for you then so be it. The reason I suggested the site is maybe you could find parts on the site to repair things or find something just that little bit faster for nothing but petrol money. £20 in the car and 2 hours rather than £100 risked on ebay sounds good to me ;)

  sean-278262 20:24 13 Nov 2006

Also you could possibly try your council recycling centre. Plenty of stuff on offer there, you may be able to butcher a machine before it is sold for recycling to get the parts you need. another stick of ram would do that computer wonders.

  The Potter 20:31 13 Nov 2006

You're right! Thank you, and I'm one heck of a recycler so must think about that right now!!!!

I guess my main concern is/was making sure I put the right bit of kit in! But if I get a motherboard and CPU combined that comes from a machine more modern than mine, I should be fine shouldn't I? I don't want to end up with something that can't cope with win98!

Fantastic - fix machine, recyle/reuse parts and save money all at once! Sorry I missed those vital points to start with!

  sean-278262 20:35 13 Nov 2006

I should of made it more clear. Dont forget to take the old parts to be recycled be it ebay, the local collection centre of that site.

  hzhzhzhz 20:39 13 Nov 2006

poor ol' machine!

No. great little machine.

  The Potter 20:44 13 Nov 2006

Frustrating part - rung a number and it wasn't the same person as advertised:( Needlees to say I didn't leave a message on the answering machine.:(

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