Chris 07:31 26 Oct 2005

Booted up computer a couple of days ago and Norton Antivirus detected Hacktool.Rootkit on file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SVKP.SYS. Access to this file was denied four times by NAV. I then ran virus scan and quarantined this file. PC seems to be running fine and have since run Spybot and Adaware to clear out other trash.
Several queries then:
1. What does Hacktool.Rootkit do?
2. If Hacktool has "unpacked" itself and ionfected my PC how can I detect what it is doing? How do I stop it?
3. Does Hacktool transmit keystroke details - particulalrly concerned here about internet security ie bank details being found out.

Many thanks in advance for any help


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:37 26 Oct 2005

click here

click here

There are some very cynical people that say this really is a load of old cobblers. You have more chance of hitting 6 numbers on the Lotto, weekly for a year, than anyone getting onto a home computer. There also appears to be some confusion as to whether they actually exist and do what the AV companies say. Of course the paid for AV companies have suddenly.y identified this as a 'threat'.

Keep your AV up to date, run MS Antispy and a firewall if you need to. All of these are free and there is no need to pay for 'security' apps. Continue online banking without any worries, there are much, much easier ways to get bank details.


  bremner 08:13 26 Oct 2005

This is actually a false positive that many NAV users are getting since the last definition update.

There have been a couple of other posts about this

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