Hacking Attempt

  User-324448 15:16 23 Dec 2006

I can usually get out of trouble myself but this one beats me. I have two computers side by side, both are on a shared Broadband connection hard wired, although the newer system is rarely connected. Both have I/E 7 as browser, I also use a Forum for old motorcycles, The LE Velo Club board. recently when I click on my link to that , the page comes up "Hacking Attempt" also if I go direct to the LE main site and click on the forum I get the same. However on my newer computer rarely used for internet, the LE page comes up correct. I have to say that I know another person with the same problem but only one computer.

  golfpro 16:24 23 Dec 2006

I tried accessing the web site myself, and found no problems. The only thing I can suggest is try running a couple of anti spyware/Hacker programs through it, as I think it could be something embedded in the old system. However if its just this one particular web site, I don't think so, unless you have submitted personal details on it at some time.
Failing that you could change your bike!! (sorry couldn't resist that):-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:25 23 Dec 2006

click here download, run and delete all it finds. You are not being hacked.


  User-324448 18:13 23 Dec 2006

Well its the only bike of that make so Im not changing it.(so there)
The same problem has happened to another member and its fine on my other computer so its got to be my system hasnt it? I have already ran the two anti spy and anti virus programmes they have been on a long while before this problem. weird.

Thanks for your interest but Im still in trouble

  rdave13 18:32 23 Dec 2006

Try running superantispyware, click here ,then reboot.

  woodchip 19:48 23 Dec 2006

It's called the Noddy Bike, coppers used to use them

  woodchip 19:51 23 Dec 2006
  Phphred 20:00 23 Dec 2006

click here

Go to PANDA and get their Internet Security, Its the best thing you will do as it is easy to use and just brilliant and it covers three computers!! I have had eight week of misery untill I found this!

  Phphred 20:05 23 Dec 2006

PS I used to have the Vogue in '63

  Phphred 20:34 23 Dec 2006
  User-324448 11:44 24 Dec 2006

Well I loved the Click here and found a Noddy bike very nice to. However I have spent all morning trying out AVG,Panda and Superantivirus none have solved the problem its not a life changeing thing as I can use my other computer BUT others with the same problem may not be as fortunate. ANY ideas welcome.

By the way I have an Enfield as well, Had a Vogue in 75, but this is turning into a motorcycle forum. Happy Christmas

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