duvat 17:36 18 Aug 2006

when I checked my credit card,I was horrified to find that a 3 figure sum of money had been debited against me,although credit card company have frozen this until further investigation.

On checking the history of websites I then find I have supposedly visited at least 3 sites on a day there was no one in our home-can this be hacking and is there any way to check times of visits to these strange websites.

  DieSse 17:56 18 Aug 2006

*On checking the history of websites I then find I have supposedly visited at least 3 sites on a day there was no one in our home*

Do you mean the history stored in the browser?

Do you go out and leave your system powered up and connected to the web?

The history stored by the browser of visited sites cab only be if your actual system has visited those sites. If you are totally sure that there was no-one who could possibly have used your system unknown to you on those days and times - then only some fairly clever hacking could have done this. I would suspect a more mundane explanation.

Is the CC fraud connected with your unexplained web-site visits?

  ArrGee 23:50 18 Aug 2006

Just out of interest, are you using a wireless connection? If so, is it secured?

  duvat 09:51 19 Aug 2006

It is the browser history,Although pc is shut down-broadband is permanently on (is this stupid of me ?) and at least two of the websites indicate that they could be involved. I'm not saying that websites are responsible.With regard to your opinion of a "more mundane explanation" I should explain that there is only two of us in the house and on that day we were out all day together and no one else should be here. Sorry for being long winded,but I am a bit worried and don't know who else to ask for help.

  Forum Editor 10:49 19 Aug 2006

to leave your broadband connection permanently 'on'. There's absolutely no advantage to be gained from doing so, and there is one big disadvantage. A computer that is permanently connected to the internet is an ideal target for hackers/crackers (call them what you will), because they know they can work undisturbed on a machine that sits there, day after day, on the same IP address. The fact that your computer may be turned on and off makes no difference - each time you turn it on it's available to someone who knows that address.

Contrary to what some people think, these people are not necessarily looking for confidential company files, or government secrets, although that may have been the situation a couple of years ago. Nowadays the vast majority of compromised computers are simply launch pads for things such as a denial of service attack, or an automated worm. They serve as a link in a chain of many breached machines. Like most criminals, crackers go after easy targets, and select their victims randomly from the results of massive network scans.

Presumably you are running a firewall, an up-to-date anti-virus program, and have anti-spyware software installed?

On the evidence so far presented this looks like card fraud - what was shown in respect of payee details on your card statement?

  duvat 14:57 19 Aug 2006

I'm on NTl and have Norton 2006-the statement on my credit card has reference number,name of company (of whom I have never heard and which deals with the sale of dvds,videos etc) with the sum of money supposedly owed to them by me. Thankyou for sound advice on the dangers of leaving broadband on permanently.
regards duvat

  josie mayhem 11:56 24 Aug 2006

Very strange indeed, when you say that you were out all day and no-one else should have been in the house you seem unsure, do you do like me?, I have several keys dotted amoung family and friends, I had a ex-sister-inlaw who took the set that was located at my inlaws house and came around found my cheque book and help herself to large sum of money from my bank account......

I wonder if you could contact the company involved explain that you have no idea who carried out these transactions and that would it be possable to have where the item/s odered had been sent to, as it seems that nothing has been sent to your address and/or as being the card holder a copy of the receite forwarded to you, might be able to shed some light on to it and how it happened.

But I wouldn't worry about the money aspect of it, your credit card company will reslove this matter and cancel out any cost to you, sometimes it takes them time to sort it but they normally do..

  duvat 15:45 24 Aug 2006

thank you for replying Josie-I can't get to the bottom of unknown websites on browser history,but since the first time I called my credit card company (who assured me it was some sort of glitch? and would be sorted out)-there have been 4 more purchases charged against my account along with several refusals. After I came back down from the roof the company has now blocked that account and assured me that their fraud squad is on it,I was also assured that I would not be liable for these debts-which is of course a weight off my mind. Anyway thanks to you Josie and everybody else for taking the trouble to help me.
with fond regards duvat

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