peterleemaxwell 09:12 25 Mar 2005

I have a bit of a problem I'm hoping someone can help with. My son was on-line looking at various sites, went to his work place the next day and a so-called work colleague said he knew where he had been on the net. When asked what he meant he said he had a 'Hacking programme' that he placed a number into and a list of names comes up, and he looked for his name. I would have thought a little far fetched but he named specific sites he had gone to. These are not bad sites but a bit 'trainspotting-ish' and very specific.
Has anyone heard of such software and how can I stop it? Any help appreciated.

  Yoda Knight 09:23 25 Mar 2005

i would run all the scans (adaware, spybot, etc etc), it could be sum form of key logging software installed, which "phones home" with the details.
He could know sum1 who works at the ISP that gave him the details (happened to me !)
Check that ur not inadvertantly running sumthing like VNC or remote desktop sharing that he has access to

And lastly, check that your firewall is working and upto date and all your MS updates and patches are installed

  peterleemaxwell 09:30 25 Mar 2005

Hi Yoda Knight,
Thanks for the advise. I make sure he does all you have suggested. Appreciated.

  Yoda Knight 09:38 25 Mar 2005


  Jackcoms 09:47 25 Mar 2005

And if you do find any SOLID evidence that this work colleague has been playing silly buggers with key-logging software, a 'phone call to your local police station might be in order.

  peterleemaxwell 10:01 25 Mar 2005

Thanks Jackcoms,
They spoil our use of computers. Why do people do this and create problems?

  Bagsey 10:08 25 Mar 2005

Because they think they are so clever and need to prove it.

  zarobian 10:08 25 Mar 2005

Just to prove they are supper smart.

  Yoda Knight 10:11 25 Mar 2005

If you do find a key logger, u could possibly have some fun playing with the reports before they get sent....

Just a devious little idea... ;-)>

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:43 25 Mar 2005

His workman is a delusionist and fantasist and is talking absolute cobblers. I would advise your son to chin him forthwith.


  Yoda Knight 11:16 25 Mar 2005

Symantecs' site is pretty good for locating little "nuicances", but doesnt remove them.. still, it tells you what ur dealing with.

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