Hackers and Abusive Mail Help

  slysy 18:50 14 Apr 2004

Is there a body where by an individual can complain about abusive and threatening emails from a BUSINESS?

I am currently receiving a whole host of abusive mails from a company, who have also defaced our website.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Sly Sy

  johnnyrocker 18:53 14 Apr 2004

mail abuse@whatever the company is and they are obligated to act upon any abuse being effected, failing that report them to abuse@whatever thir isp is and if it does not stop the isp is obliged to pull the plug on them.


  johnnyrocker 18:54 14 Apr 2004

that should be legally before the word obligated.

  slysy 19:00 14 Apr 2004

Thanks Jonny.

However the abuse is coming from the supposed Director of the company.
Also I fear that the company in question is breaching several copyrights, which I cant prove just yet.

So I feel that there is no point in complaing to their abuse@ , bet they dont have one.
Also I dont know who their ISP is as the name is the company name.

This is not a private user, this is a company sending abuse, foul language and posting slanderous messages in our guestbook.

Thanks again

  MikeyT 19:14 14 Apr 2004

Keep copies of everthing they have sent on both hard and electronic format. It may prove invaluable in the future

  Mister Splendid 19:20 14 Apr 2004

Slysy, this may be something for the police to be interested in. I would think the slanderous messages are a civil thing. Maybe someone knowledgeable on this forum could help you there. I would think though that abusive and threatening emails would be something for the police to act on.

I would temporarily close your guest book, requesting that any entries are sent to you via e-mail, which you can then add to your web site, of course filtering out the abusive entries.

It is unlikely that the police will show much interest, since they would consider it a matter for civil litigation. Best to close your guest book and contain the abusive messages for as long as it takes. Any form of litigation is costly, and destructive in time and sanity. Eventually the abusers will give up. Inaction on your part may not be very satisfactory as far as seeing justice being done; but in the long term you will come out on top.

  johnnyrocker 19:54 14 Apr 2004

ah but (a) is it from the company director for certain? (b) you do not know if they do not have abuse@ facilities (c) if you look at the full text of the mail there is a good chance that that somewhere there you will find the isp, there is a fair amount of assumption in your thoughts, might be best to gather factual evidence or you could be the one defending your actions (just a thought)

  Gaz 25 20:31 14 Apr 2004

You may e-mail me by clicking my name.

I would be interested to know who the company is?

Send this via e-mail please.

  slysy 21:52 14 Apr 2004

I hope you can appreciate that it would be foolish of me to publically announce the company until such time as this issue has been resolved.

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