Hackers ????

  fit will a dee noo 14:01 20 Jun 2008

I,ve read with interest that a home user is unlikely to be hacked but i have just received a new message at start u of my PC during windows XP start up i lost all desktop icons and the screensaver was the same as i`d left it
When i went to restart the machine i receive the warning
"There are other people using your computer - do you still want to cancel your program as the other people may lose your data"

What Data ?i dont have any P2P software / programs on my PC nor are there any known to me shared folders ???

Any advice - cheers

  Technotiger 14:34 20 Jun 2008

Advice - Yes, run any or all of your Anti-everything programs soonest, if you can!

  bstb3 14:38 20 Jun 2008

might be worth having a peep at your task manager too, just to see if anything is running that you dont recognise. Anything with your user name listed against it rather than SYSTEM is a good place to start.

If you dont have access to your task manager but you should have then theres a good chance something malicious is happening.

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