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  patso 22:15 23 Apr 2006

while checking my credit card balance it seems someone tried to pay for an online betting with my account. it seems i might be hacked i notified my bank but how will i check my pc? i use avg spybot a2 and ms malicious removal tool also panda scan. i only use windows firewall should i install another firewall aswell and how do i go about cleaning my computer. i only noticed this when a purchase failed and the reason sent to me in an email was the address of the account didnt match. this was the first time this happened on the card i use a disposable credit card called 3v. any help please?

  skidzy 22:34 23 Apr 2006

Try this Patso click here

  skidzy 22:36 23 Apr 2006

Some will argue about using a firewall,i believe in having one ... maybe you could consider Zonealarm free version,very reliable and works well with AVg free AV both can be found click here

  george 22:41 23 Apr 2006


Go and get Zonealarm free from this site click here
install it right away.
You may have a key logger installed in you system, it's probably unlikely but worth a scan.
Go to Pandalabs and use their free scanning tools to check your system.
After all that look at the sites you are visiting for their addresses and dont repsond to any e-mail that asks you to renew you password bank details (or card) etc.
Hope this has been of some help.
After you have done all that look at other ways to stay safe online. Plenty of sites out there to help.

  patso 22:51 23 Apr 2006

thanks for all the replies i will do as suggested and scan my system and install another firewall.

thanks again.

  EARLR 23:15 23 Apr 2006

If you think you have been "hacked" change all your passwords; inform your banks; tell the police, AND do not respond to e-mails that say anything about " account's; cancellation's ; or any of that ilk unless you know them !! they are plishing you looking for information to RIP YOU OFF !!
sorry about shouting, but I think its deserved.

  LANDCRUISER 23:27 23 Apr 2006

you say should i install another firwall as well,you should only have one firwall installed so remove the one you have

  User-312386 23:29 23 Apr 2006

As george has said and download zonealarm

But please please turn off the windows firewall

2 firewalls = conflict and could render the system open to attacks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:01 24 Apr 2006

I'm afraid one or two seem to be over-reacting somewhat.It is virtually impossible that you have been hacked ESPECIALLY if you are using a home computer. Do all the online checks but there is no point in changing firewalls. If someone wanted to hack a home computer a firewall would be of no protection.

It is more likely that your CC number has been copied/sold from a petrol station, shop, restaurant or anywhere else. I have yet to see proof of a home computer being 'hacked'.


  Methedrine 09:56 24 Apr 2006

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)>

As far as the receipts and such that could contain your CC number at home, buy a cross-cut shredder.

  dogbreath1 10:36 24 Apr 2006

It's worth checking that your PC isn't playing host to a keylogger.

Scanning with SpywareDoctor (click here) and Ewido (as per skidzy click here) should hopefully find evidence of this.

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