silverdragon4 22:04 25 Oct 2005

I am being attack by one person. I have changed my passwords. is there anything welse I can do?
I doubt it, but someone said change my IP address, but i didnt think that was possable

  Thalmus 22:26 25 Oct 2005

How do you know that you are under attack?

  phono 22:27 25 Oct 2005

We need more details, do you have a static IP address for example?

Do you currently use a hardware or software firewall?

Do you use antivirus software?

How do you know you are being "attacked" and how do you know it is the same person?

  phono 22:28 25 Oct 2005

You beat me to it.

  Denis-174866 22:32 25 Oct 2005

i thought that all ip's were static

  ade.h 22:35 25 Oct 2005

Many IPs are dynamic. All dial-ups use dynamically assigned IPs and so do some ADSL services.

  ade.h 22:35 25 Oct 2005

If they're dynamic, you get whatever happens to be available when each time you connect to your ISP.

  Denis-174866 22:42 25 Oct 2005

you learn something new everyday.so i'm on broadband and i've checked my IPs No and it is the same No as the last time that i checked it, because i made a note of it, so is broadband a static IPs.

  Chegs ® 22:45 25 Oct 2005

They're usually dynamic(unless requested specifically static)but only change infrequently(mths apart)

  Thalmus 22:47 25 Oct 2005

When you get an IP address it is 'leased' to you for roughly 5 days (depending on your ISP). If your always online when you come to rennew your lease you can end up with the same again. If not when you go onl;ine again you PC will ask your ISP for a new one if it hasn't already been given to another computer you will might get the same again or you will get a new one.

It is possible to have the same IP for weeks (or even months!)

  Chegs ® 22:50 25 Oct 2005

You still haven't explained why you believe your being hacked tho' :-)

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