gygabyte m/board. system speed core voltage settin

  Craneop 18:18 15 Mar 2003

Powerless certainly helped there with the answear to my last question ..
But now i need to find out where i can get a list of settings for my gigabyte i440bx/zx mother board.
Mother board is .........gigabyte 440bx/zx
chipset i440bx/zx

Need to find......... system speed settings

Frontside bus speed needs to go to .......100mhz
mutiplier stays the same............x5.0
gives me........500mhz..out of the 333mhz celeron

  DieSse 19:02 15 Mar 2003

click here

Usefl looking link. A Google search produces lots of helpful advice on overclocking Celerons, which are generally regarded as well suited to overclocking.

"All at your own risk" however!

  DieSse 19:10 15 Mar 2003

click here

Perhaps an even better article.

  DieSse 19:14 15 Mar 2003

This is where you can get a manual for settings - BUT you will need to know the exact motherboard model number - or plough through them all until you find which is yours

click here

  DieSse 19:15 15 Mar 2003

PS - the chipset is BX or it is ZX - they are different.

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