Guest Account Help with Windows XP

  java.a 17:05 17 Mar 2005

Hi all,

i tried to network my laptop to my desktop last night and it all went wrong. I accidently deleted my main user from the accounts, this is my everyday account that i use (the only admin account). This is not good. So when i restarted my pc today i had to sign in through a guest account. So the first thing i did was to look in the control panel and click on accounts. But when in thier my main admin account has dissapeared. Sh*it i thought. So i instantly went running to the system restore function to restore to a previous point. a guest i don't have the priveldges to restore to another point. I don't have any privelages at all.


Please help, i have lost important documents that i need.


  VoG II 17:19 17 Mar 2005

Start in Safe Mode click here

You should see the Administrator account on the Welcome Screen. Log in with that and System Restore.

  sinbad1 17:21 17 Mar 2005

click here scroll down to i was stupid.......
there's a link which might help.

  sinbad1 19:46 17 Mar 2005

if you follow the link and scroll down to the question re iwas stupid enough to delete admin, there is anther link to restore

  VoG II 19:53 17 Mar 2005

Admin for a message board, not XP.

  sinbad1 19:58 17 Mar 2005

sorry misunderstood oruginal thread.

  java.a 10:58 19 Mar 2005

Thanks for the help guys i sorted it in the end, twas a simply boot in safe mode jobby. I was so busy thinking about the complicated ways to get round it that i completely forgot the simple ways.

What i did? [for others]

1) restart computer
2) On boot up tap F8 continuesly
3) when asked how you would like to boot up click any method e.i floppy, but as soon as you choose one tap F8 a few times.
4) black screen with white text will come up. Use arrows on keyboard to find and select Safe mode. Click on it to boot in safe mode.
5) When the computer boots it will ask you whether you want to start in safe mode on just restore to an earlier point. Click yes and find a point before you had problems with your computer.

Hope it helps.


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