GTX 8800 drivers NOT working (get a black screen)

  Uboat 12:58 09 Sep 2010

Hiya guys!

Ive got a Dell XPS720 H2C Quad Extreme, and i have been having the same issue for quite some time which is that ive just formatted the pc & when i install the drivers for my graphic cards (NVidia GTX 8800)after reboot i get a black screen? i then have to do a "Forced" Shut Down? i'm running on Vista Ult 64 Bit
I have downloaded the latest drivers but like ive stated all i get after reboot is a black screen.? Forcing me to go into SAFE MODE then having to Uninstall the Nvidia Drivers...

Thankx for your time guys!

  T0SH 14:43 09 Sep 2010

Try getting the driver from the dell site support section here

click here

Often the drivers Dell get from Nvidia are customised to suit the particular version of the card that Nvidea supplies to them

Cheers HC

  Uboat 13:25 10 Sep 2010

Thankx so much! ive tried there drivers from DELL! & Nvidia! its the new drivers that seem to crash my graphics.? i have a older driver which used to work but it doesnt anymore.?

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