gta3 help

  OBE-1 11:05 19 Jan 2003
  OBE-1 11:05 19 Jan 2003

as the games room is gone can some one help me get gta3 running it just will not work it fires up then just locks up at the screen with all the gun men on. im rinning 1.4Athlon 512ddr GF3 Ti200 on a 17 monitor

  ellas 12:18 19 Jan 2003

runs fine with my GF3 Ti200 have you installed the patch click here

  gingepaul 13:06 19 Jan 2003

i gave up on it, its really picky of certain configs, loads of peeps had probs with this, jusy badly written game, ive heard of people with 2.6 ghz p4, ti4600, 512 pc 2700 ram, near empty hard discs and a clean install of windows, with all latyest drivers and patches, still having problems, give up mate, it will drive u mad, as it did with me, i'm waiting for vice city to appear as theres rumours that rockstar are putting an unprecidented ammount of time into making sure it will run nice, i think they took a lot of stick for gta3, so i'll just wait patiently while playing mafia, which i think is better anyway [cos it plays] and see what vice turns out to be like stablity wise.

  gingepaul 13:07 19 Jan 2003

its suppost to be enjoyment, so howcome i feel like banging my head against the wall?

  ellas 14:08 19 Jan 2003

no dont give up,I have almost the same specs as you(except have a 1800xp)and the game has never crashed or anything,install the patch.

  powerless 14:20 19 Jan 2003
  powerless 14:21 19 Jan 2003

Second thoughts that might not apply to you.

  OBE-1 17:35 19 Jan 2003

iv tryed the patch still does not work. i will try mafia as you advise gingepaul let you know how i get on

  OBE-1 17:38 19 Jan 2003

powerless no it does not apply as im running ME not XP noice try thow

  Paul2003 18:47 19 Jan 2003

Have you installed any GTA3 mods such as new cars/scenery??

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