GTA 4 Tatal Error

  iqs 17:43 13 Mar 2009

Just installed GTA4,but received this error when trying to start the game

Used Google and found out its due to SP3 not being installed.
I don't really want SP3 installed,but managed to start the game by selecting run in compatibility mode.

Has anyone else experienced this error,is there a certain update I can install instead of the whole SP3.
Also running the game in compatibility mode have any negative effects on the game.

So far the game plays and looks superb.


  iscanut 17:48 13 Mar 2009

No idea what GTA4 Tatal Error is but you may get a better response if you post this in the Games forum.

  iqs 18:51 13 Mar 2009

sorry,should read Fatal error

  citadel 18:54 13 Mar 2009

I have sp3 on my pc's and there are no problems everything works ok.

  iqs 21:41 13 Mar 2009

Hi and thank you for your assistance.

I will see what response I receive from posting in the Helproom before posting again in the Games forum,thanks

I'm not a fan of SP3,but if I must install it to run GTA4 then so be it,but I would sooner not,thanks

  wolfie3000 03:32 14 Mar 2009

GTA4 does require SP3 in order to run properly,

Is there any reason not to install SP3?
I play alot of different games and found that SP3 has no bad effects on the games,

Running the game in compatibility mode shouldn't have any bad side effects on the game but i would recommend installing SP3 for future games.

  iqs 10:38 14 Mar 2009

thanks wolfie3000 for your reply

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