windowfitter 17:46 19 Dec 2009

HELLO,I am running an XP medion PC,After using for 5 mins it starts grumbling away and becomes unresponsive, This happens on Firefox, My computer,IE, Media player, Only Outlook express seem to work Ok,

Other symptons are,
Arrow controlled by mouse will not turn to hand when moved over links etc,

windows open up saying, ( Program not responding )
" " " " ( Unresponsive Script )

After 20 mins the grumbling noise is constant and everything becomes so slow its impossible to use anymore,

Any help would be appreciated ,Window fitter,.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 19 Dec 2009

Get you data and photos backed up as soon as possible.
really sounds like the hard drive is failing fast.

  jimv7 18:18 19 Dec 2009

Look to a new hard drive.

  windowfitter 18:25 19 Dec 2009

A new HARD DRIVE can I fit one of those,


  jimv7 18:27 19 Dec 2009

What make of hard drive, go to the manufacturers site and download the drive tools, that will test your drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 19 Dec 2009

A new 3.5 drive is just 4 screws and two cables all you need is to get the correct type SATA or IDE.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:40 19 Dec 2009

What model of Medion

Medion tend to use Western Digital drives

  windowfitter 20:19 19 Dec 2009

SORRY TAKING SO LONG GUYS, PCs nearly had it for tonight, Only lasted this long because i have kept off anything else But realy slow now!!

JIMV 7,, Tried Medion site, But only sales no technical backup, Which Medion,?

Medion UK Medion Europe etc,

FRIUTBAT, Trying to look up model etc for you,


  windowfitter 21:16 19 Dec 2009


Model PC MT 7

Type MED MT 274


  cream. 21:42 19 Dec 2009

MS-7046 P4 LGA775.

This takes SATA150 hard drives.

  gazzaho 22:54 19 Dec 2009

As far as I'm aware a SATA 300 drive will work with SATA 150 so any SATA drive should be fine to install, some drives have a jumper that you have to set to allow 150 use over 300 some do it automatically.

Here's a link to fitting a SATA hard drive (click here) there's also a link to fitting an IDE drive at the bottom of the page.

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