grrr!! problems writing DVD's from DVD files....

  Superstylin 13:05 09 Apr 2005

i'm getting sooo annoyed with this!

i've converted avi files to dvd files using winavi. as a test i converted one lot which was successful, so i went ahead and converted the other 5. this is a set of files that should run from 1-6 but now if i try and add them to nero for burning the first conversions can't be added because they have the same files names as the ones created first in the second conversion!

i've tried renaming the files so i could poss move the order within nero but it won't allow me to because ive renamed them something that (apparently) isn't a valid file name, it has to be in the VTS_01_1 version etc. so now i'm stuck with it renamed because i can't remember what it was before!

am i gonna have to convert the first again then use a joiner to ermm join them....this is been such a faff so far!

  Superstylin 13:16 09 Apr 2005

so i renamed them all files 5to6, 4to5 etc, so in adding them they were all in order but now they won't write cos dvd file compliance test failed. grrrrrrrrrrr

  Chegs ® 13:44 09 Apr 2005

I am suffering a load of grief from DVD-RW,first it refused to recognise the DVD,then it refused to format/erase the DVD/RW,then the ISO image wasn't recognised,then the DVD wasn't even seen(Please insert a disc)I finally got the result I was after,having fought with it for over 10 hours yesterday.Then today,its refusing to recognise a DVD video,and I'm not going to faff about for another 10 hours trying to convince this stupid piece of hardware that the reason its called a DVD-RW is because its supposed to read/write DVD's!

  josie mayhem 13:45 09 Apr 2005

Which type of nero are you using? Is it a bundled version or a purchased version?

Also what OS are you using if xp have you installed sp2 ect. The more info you can give then it be eassier to help

  Superstylin 13:51 09 Apr 2005

i'm using a bundled nero hence why i had to use winavi converter since the non retail package doesn't have a dvd video encoder plug-in.

i have winxp with sp2. my dvd writer is an NEC 3520A and i'm trying to write to dvd+rw discs.

i'm currently converting the 1st batch again beacuse apparently the iso file was missing, see if this helps!

  josie mayhem 13:52 09 Apr 2005

Just read chegs reply, I brought nero reloaded the other day, and everytime I tried to burn something, the only responce I got was my loading try opening and shuting. ended up having to up-date the dvd drive firmware to resolve this issuse.

If you've got nerovision express and a cupture card (even via a tv card) this will automaticaly capture the avi and turn it into dvd file ready for burning. Or5 if you have the oridgenal avi file still on your hard drvie it will take it from here and convert. You can capture individual files and then place and burn onto one dvd.

You can also authour with this, and do some basic editing (very basic editing) but it does take most of the hard work out.

  Superstylin 13:56 09 Apr 2005

my bundled software also doesn't have the nerovision that converts files from avi to dvd compatible. dagnammit i'm sick of forking out money! can't something just work first time, pleeease???

  jack 14:03 09 Apr 2005

Nero was such a good program upto 5.5
Now with the advent of DVD V6 They appear to have developed it in to a no go monster.
Do as I have done as advised by VoG on another string

Dump Nero
and down load CDBurner XP Pro 3

click here

or something like

  Superstylin 14:12 09 Apr 2005 bundling a dvd writing package with a writer when it won't actually let you write. you have to get all kinds of plug in's to get it to do what u expected it to do in the first place.

i've converted the first batch again, and it shows the folder as having more files than before so assume that's worked. now i'm waiting on boilsofts AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV joiner to do it's work. i have no idea if it's gonna work i'm just grasping at straws!

  Superstylin 14:22 09 Apr 2005

i tried joining them and when played some of the episodes play the video fast and the audio is out of sync....

  Superstylin 14:26 09 Apr 2005

multi session dvd?

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