Grrr ... can't find it!

  ali1ear 19:15 22 Oct 2007

Hi Peeps can anybody tell me why I can't find
this .exe file? I've got a really slow dial-up internet connection which probably failed half way through downloading but when I ask Windows XP to search for it (looking in hidden files etc) it finds nothing but my AVG Virus scan finds it no problem. Any advice appreciated. Ali

  brundle 19:18 22 Oct 2007

What .exe file?

  mrwoowoo 20:13 22 Oct 2007

If you mean you downloaded a programme,but got disconnected before it was complete, and you didn't use a download manager then the file is no good.The only option is to re download.Avg,i feel will pick it up as it's an exe,which as it is incomplete will come across as suspicious.
Your search won't find it as it doesn't really exist as such.If you can remove with avg and download again.
Scan it first before running though.

  FungusBoggieman 20:14 22 Oct 2007

you could try downloading something else normaly you can see where you have downloaded to in the save box

  skidzy 22:07 22 Oct 2007

Simple the program again and note the location it is saved to.

Also as above by mrwoowoo,use a download manager,this way...if you get cut off it will carry on next time you are connected.

What is the program in question,maybe you would be better downloading from a broadband pc and save the program to disc or flash drive if possible.Then install it on your pc.

  ali1ear 14:17 24 Oct 2007

nice one Peeps, I will try a download manager.

I thought I'd be able to find the exe. file
somewhere.. possibly a temp folder or internet
folder but nope, couldn't find it. And I did
look for its destination beforehand but there
was no mention of it in the Run or Save box.

Cheers again folks. Ali

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