Group online chat with MSN

  happylady 09:00 24 Dec 2007

Is it possible to go online to chat with several people on MSN in at the same time. I don't wish to have several MSN windows open at the same time but just one window where i invite several people at the same time for a group chat.

Do i have to know all their e-mail addresses or can they just have mine, will it work like that? We plan to have the online chat at an agreed time.

If it can be done, i would appreciate simple instructions, thanks.

  tullie 10:04 24 Dec 2007

Yes,i have been doing this on an off for years,they must be in your live messenger contacts list,but just remember that they will be all part of the same conversation.When in messeger,just find a contact and invite them to your conversation.Not sure what the limit is,but i have had maybe as many as ten.Im talking about window live messenger,dont know about Yahoo.

  brundle 10:05 24 Dec 2007

Start a conversation with someone on your contact list, at the top left of the chat window click on the Messenger icon with a plus `Invite someone to this conversation` add another person from your contact list. Other participants can add people from their own contact lists.

  happylady 09:58 26 Dec 2007

brundle - Does the "invite someone to this conversation" appear only after you've started a conversation with 1 person from the contacts list?

The last time i was doing an MSN chat with 2 people, 2 MSN wndows opened up & neither one of my contacts could see the other conversation going on.

  brundle 00:03 28 Dec 2007

Yes, that's how it usually works. Unless you choose `invite` in an existing chat window then you will have the situation you describe - two windows with two separate conversations.

  happylady 12:50 28 Dec 2007

I don't an icon where it says "invite someone to this conversation".

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