Groadband Opyions

  Magra 22:59 06 Dec 2004

Help! I am on dial-up in U.K. & cannot connect to Broadband due to one or other of Option 3 & 4 not being available.
Can anyone please explain what those Options are, & how do I overcome the problem?
Thanks all

  Diemmess 10:02 07 Dec 2004

Can you be a little more explicit please? What exactly are you trying to do? ........ Forgive me the probably silly feeling that you are trying to go to Broadband using the old modem connection?

  Djohn 13:05 07 Dec 2004

As Diemmess says. Can we have a little more information please? What are options 3 & 4?

Please post back to this thread with your operating system. [XP 98se ME]. Type of modem and the name of your ISP [Internet provider].

Are you still on dial-up at the moment and have you applied to your ISP for a Broadband connection?

  Magra 22:45 07 Dec 2004

Diemmess & Djohn
Thks your replies.
My ISP is and I am trying through their system to upgrade from dial-up to broadband.
My local exchange is ADSL operational but Tesco inform me it is not suitable for OLption 3, which is what their system operates on.
What I am trying to determine is what exactly Option 3 is, and how do I overcome the exchange not being capable of accepting my ISP's system.
Thanks again

  VoG II 22:48 07 Dec 2004

Groadband is years away. Go for Broadband ;o)

  Magra 22:48 07 Dec 2004

Sorry, I should have mentioned I am operating WinXP Pro.

  Carpigiani 22:52 07 Dec 2004

Saw this answer on another forum, which may answer your question.

I'm actually a Tech Support agent! We've been having a very busy few days as you can imagine. runs using ADSL Option 3 (Datastream) and there a 5% of ADSL enabled exchanges that cannot use Datastream.
At present if you want to migrate to Tesco Broadband from another provider you can only do so if your current broadband connection is Option 3 as well. That's an issue at the moment that BT are looking at.

Why do we use Option 3? Because it gives us more control of the service and it is a slightly cheaper method of broadband for our customers.

  roy 22:54 07 Dec 2004

Could it be that you are too far from the exchange?

  Magra 23:33 07 Dec 2004

My exchange is 500 yards from my pc.

  Migwell 00:01 08 Dec 2004

Use carphone warehouse & talk talk for £19.99 you get 512 BB and free phone calls after 6PM and weekends Lands end to John O' Groats in Scotland and free to all those on Talk Talk who ring another Talk Talk number for up to 3 hours at a time. I am on it and I would not go back to BT for paying for my phone calls. Only have to pay BT for the rent of your line at £10.50 per month.

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