Lemur 03:08 24 Jul 2004

I need to SAVE an HTTP page, but the "Save as" option in "File" is greyed out. Furthermore, if I right click on the page itself, I just get a "Quicktime" panel, and the Save options on that are also greyed!

How do I proceed please?

  Lemur 03:09 24 Jul 2004

Sorry, if it helps, I am on XP.

  Lemur 11:05 24 Jul 2004

AND YET - When I am on this Forum and go into "File", the "Save as" is NOT Greyed out, although the "Save" is.

What is happening please?

  sicknote 11:46 24 Jul 2004

What happens if you go to FILE > save as in the top left hand

  Lemur 11:50 24 Jul 2004

Thanks sicknote. That is the "File" location I have been talking about. Is there another one I can try?

  sicknote 11:55 24 Jul 2004

Give me a link to page and i can see if i can save it,

  Lemur 12:20 24 Jul 2004
  sicknote 15:21 24 Jul 2004

Could not open that link you send me as it was passworded but using click here i did manage to use save as on many different pages,did encounter a problem on some pages if i had privacy control switched on in Norton anti virus
Might be worth looking at your setting in internet options on browser or anti virus

  Lemur 02:25 26 Jul 2004

Hello again sicknote.

Yesterday, I disabled my Norton Anti-virus and then went into that web-page again, but the "save as" facility was still greyed. Now it is a new day and lo and behold, the "save as" is no longer greyed! BUT, when I saved the page and then went back into the saved version, it was complete jibberish. I see that as one step forward and one back - you might see it as progress - what do you think please? FYI, the page concerned is a photographic picture of a page from an old register of births.

  sicknote 10:30 26 Jul 2004

Can't open your link as it is password protected,but if i go to images and chose any of the options i get to the end and it gives me 4 ways of saving doc JPG>TFF>PDF , etc the pdf saves ok but the JPG's are poor and are back to front.

It also says on the front that you might need different software for some of the applications,

  Lemur 00:34 29 Jul 2004

Thanks again sicknote. I think that I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my overall problem (don't ask me to explain because I could not even begin to (!), but I do still have the problem raised in my first e.mail and, try as I might, cannot get rid of the Quicktime box. I do strongly suspect that the Quicktime program is preventing me from saving properly in Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the I.E Help facility I read "Right - click the link for the item you want to save, and then click on Save Target as". Well, the link isn't there!

I would understand sicknote, if you wanted to drop this matter now, and thanks very much for all your help to date, but someone must be able to tell me which button to press to get rid of that dreaded Quicktime box. I have tried to remove the Quicktime program from my computer, but it does not seem to want to leave me.

PS: Who said that computers saved time?

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