Gremlins got into my computer last night

  eysha1 16:13 27 May 2013

I left my computer last night after reading my mail. I did nothing else at all and haven't for days now due to university work. This afternoon i switched on and the whole C drive was completely different. it didn't recognise my profile, my screen saver was changed, my documents and pictures empty, my outlook mail gone and other stuff i forgotten now as i was so puzzled. I couldn't figure it out at all with no idea why it happened. I think the gremlins were in while i slept. I had to do a system restore, which thankfully worked. Anyone any ideas why this happened? I am running vista Explorer 8 as i cannot get 9 because the service pack i have no longer exists and it won't update/download, tried many times and even asked on here too without sucess. Thanks E.

  lotvic 17:11 27 May 2013

I don't know about your 'gremlins' but which Vista SP are you on? Both SP1 and SP2 are available to download from microsoft AFAIK

  onthelimit1 17:24 27 May 2013

Sounds as though it booted as another user.

  eysha1 17:29 27 May 2013

I am using SP1, cannot download SP2, had problems for ages there and asked on here too about it but no luck. There are no other users on my computer, just me.

  Forum Editor 17:46 27 May 2013

"I think the gremlins were in while i slept."

Not unless you left the computer running, and connected to the internet overnight, which is never a good idea if you do it as a matter of course.

  lotvic 19:20 27 May 2013

eysha1, I had a look at your profile for a thread about problems with Vista Service packs but I can't find any reference to you having posted about it.

Only posts I saw were about making Vista Recovery CD/DVD's.

Can you find your thread and paste the link to it?

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